Doing nothing

Kevin and I just returned home from an amazing week of doing nothing.  We spent a week in Cozumel, Mexico trying to perfect the art of doing nothing, well as close to doing nothing as we possibly could.  Kevin's family accompanied us for the first four days of the vacation.  They were a little more ambitious than us and went scuba diving almost everyday and saw some beautiful fish and coral.  Kevin and I aren't certified, so we stuck to the beach and a little snorkeling here and there.
This trip was our second time to Cozumel and instead of staying at a resort, we opted for Hippie Bob's condo, which Hillary brilliantly found.  It fit our needs perfectly; we especially loved the view from our balcony and the beach.  

Our typical day looked something like this: Whenever we woke up (not ever before 7) we would crawl out of bed and eat breakfast while gazing at the ocean.  After being sufficiently gazed out, we would spray on some sunscreen, put on our suits, and head down to the pool or beach to gaze some more, this time on the ground level.  We read and lounged in the pool most of the day under the shade of a palm tree or umbrella and some days we would head out for a snorkeling adventure.  

My favorite snorkeling adventure was swimming right up to two dolphins that were in a park next door to our condo.  They were breathtaking and so...huge.  There were also some pretty large fish around the dolphins and Kevin had to coax me into swimming closer to get a better look.  After being exhausted from doing nothing all day, we would head up to the condo to lay on the hammock to gaze, read, or nap.  This was, without a doubt, my favorite part of the day.  I loved the hammock.  I want a hammock.  Everyone should have a hammock.  They are perfect for doing nothing.  

Moving on...When the sun would start to set, we would peel ourselves out of the hammock and get ready for dinner.

We were able to get our fill of seafood and Mexican dishes and enjoyed some pretty tasty meals.

When Kevin's family was there, we would end the night with cards, drinks (for the others) and VH1 classic.  
We thoroughly enjoyed doing nothing on our vacation, but it feels so good to be back and to be productive again.  It was exactly what we needed before our life gets a little more exciting and a little more hectic with our family of two turning into a family of three in just a few short months.

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