Summertime Learnings

Things on the farm have gone smoothly this summer despite the dry soil and brown grass.  We haven't had much rain on the Trail these past two months (little to none) and I am sooo ready for a rainy day.  The cooler days are refreshing, but a nice, 'curl up with a good book rainy day' would be even better.  
This dry summer has given me ample opportunity for learning experiences, but I still have a looooong way to go.  Here are some of my favorite and very simple learnings from this summer:
  • There are lots of bugs in the country, much more than in the city.  To have less bugs (notice I didn't say no bugs), you have to spray the little critters and/or have a bug catching dog like Abel.
  • In the country there are countless animals.  The city has lots of cats and dogs, I label these animals human friendly animals.  The country has lots of raccoons, mice, birds, possums, and bunnies.  You can decide if these are human friendly animals.  If you don't think these creatures are human friendly animals, they would argue with you. They like to be close to humans, or at least close to our homes, gardens, food, and garbage.
  • Gardening counts as a work out, kind of.
  • The country is peacefully quiet.  I bask in the quietness of the farm at night, except when Abel is barking at some unknown animal, bug, stick, or leaf somewhere.  
  • It takes a trained eye to know the difference between a weed and a flower.  I have picked many flowers and left many weeds.  This learning is still a work in progress.
  • Dogs like really smelly things.  
  • Plants grow really well when they have an appropriate amount of water.  They turn brown and ugly when they don't get enough of the wet stuff.  Some of the garden beds look great and some not so great...the power of water.
  • Wearing flip flops outside in the midst of a drought will warrant a good foot washing or shower.  It is dusty in the country!  Tennis shoes are better.
  • Country air smells so clean and fresh; a windows open kind of night is the best night.
  • Summertime in the country is magical; from the burnt sunrises to the peaceful, starry nights....I love it!
a random farm in the country that almost got rain, but not quite
Football games will be starting soon, which means fall will be upon us and summer gone for another year.  I learned a lot on the Trail this summer and I know there will be plenty more opportunities for learning as we move into the fall season on the farm.  I'm anxiously awaiting more windows open kind of nights!

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