Nursery: Part 2

The crib is assembled, the changing table is up, and there are clothes in the closet...our nursery is almost ready for Baby Boy Forristall!  We decided to keep everything neutral, as we will want to use it again for another baby in either 2 years or 10, depending on how life with our first little guy goes.  We don't really have a 'theme' because, well, I'm just not a 'theme' person.  We are using blues and greens and putting up items we love.  Along with the DIY projects, we also hung a map and a Star Wars quote.  Both were Kevin's ideas and I have to say I really love one of them and the other, well, I don't love it as much, but I am living with it because I really love Kevin.  Kevin's idea to hang a map I LOVE.  We hung it without glass and are planning on putting push pins up on the places that Baby Boy Forristall visits.  For awhile, push pins will only adorn Ottumwa and Macedonia (which isn't on the map) and possibly some other Iowa stops, but as he grows so will the amount of push pins.
The other Kevin idea is a Star Wars' quote, something about a Jedi.  This item is partly my fault because I showed it to Kevin on Etsy as a (haha) joke.  I guess I should feel lucky we're having a boy, because Kevin wanted to hang it without taking gender into consideration.  Kevin loved Star Wars as a kid and I think he wants to relive some of those childhood memories with his son, starting with this quote on the wall.  Although I may not have picked it for the nursery, it makes Kevin happy and that's pretty worth it.
We still have some things to do including curtains and finding a little side table to put beside the chair, along with organizing day to day baby items.  We have a few months yet and I'm sure it will all get done as November nears.  The excitement is building and as I am definitely enjoying being pregnant and feeling our little guy move all the time, I am surely ready to meet him, hold him, and give him lots of hugs and kisses.


  1. I just don't understand how the graphic would not be gender neutral. Do you mean to say that Leia wasn't in the running for a girl's name???

  2. I guess I'm not as familiar with Star Wars as I should be, being married to Kevin and all. I learned Leia was a Jedi...what was I thinking??! :)


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