Cherry Pie and Fourth of July Weekend

Wasn't it awesome to have the Fourth of July on a Thursday?  It meant a four day weekend for some lucky people, my husband and parents included.  They all took Friday off so we could spend the day and rest of the weekend together.  Now that I'm a stay-at-home-mommy I love, love when people come to visit during the week.  It's just extra special and makes the days a little more fun.  

My mom and I took the opportunity to do some shopping on Friday and then we hit the Quarry up for some swimming that evening.  And then Saturday, blessed Saturday.  It was a wonderful day.  My parents and I strolled through the Farmer's Market and I ate a way-too-large-calorie-filled chocolate long john.  It. was. so. good.  Everyone should eat one from the Greek stand at the Farmer's market one time in their life.  Two times might be too many.  Oops.  

Anyways...then we all went to La Buvette for lunch, but mainly for a glass of wine or two.  Luke and Kevin joined us and Luke was such a trooper.  We sat out on the patio and Luke loved watching the people go by (and the people loved him).  It was a heavenly afternoon.  We don't eat out too much anymore living so far from the city, so this was a special treat.  

On the Fourth I made a cherry pie for the first time this year.  We have a cherry tree that is completely loaded, so it was the perfect time to break out the pie pan.  What was really special about this pie is my grandma taught me how to put the top and bottom crusts together to make it pretty.  I couldn't get it at first, but Grandma was patient and I finally figured it out on my second pie the next day.  Yep, second pie...the next day.  We ate the first pie in less than 24 hours and I made another one less than 24 hours later on Friday afternoon.  It was that good.  The secret ingredient is the almond extract.  I used some on Thursday, but not on Friday and there was a difference.  So, use the almond extract if you can.  Here it is; the easy, yummy, delicious cherry pie recipe.

Cherry Pie

4 cups cherries, pitted
1 1/2 cups sugar
4-6 T cornstarch
1/8 t almond extract
1 package Pillsbury pie crusts (or 2 crusts)

1.  Place cherries in saucepan on medium heat until juices start to run (about 5 minutes).
2.  Add sugar and cornstarch and stir over medium low heat.  Heat until thickened.
3.  Remove from heat and mix in almond extract.
4.  Prepare bottom crust in pie pan.  Spoon cherry pie mixture onto crust.  Cover with top crust and pinch sides together (this is important!).  Make a few slits in the top crust with a knife.
5.  Bake at 375 degrees for 50 minutes.  Enjoy!

quarry time

farmer's market chocolate long john

grandma and baby luke

grandma, papa, and luke at la buvette

luke's first time at one of mommy and daddy's favorite places...la burette

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