Baby Play: Sound Treasure Box

Luke has been growing, moving, and changing like crazy.  I'm sure all you Mommys, Daddys, and caregivers out there understand this when I say...he does something new everyday.  

This sound treasure box was inspired by a xylophone that was given to us by my friend, Paige, who acquired it from one of her friends.  I love hand-me-downs!  

So, I started with the xylophone, but what else could I use?  I didn't go out and buy anything, I just scoured the house and Luke's room for some toys and everyday items that make some kind of sound.  It wasn't as hard as I thought and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  

Luke was pretty into this sound treasure box.  Many of the items are toys he has played with before, but they haven't been out for him to play with in awhile.  It's funny how toys put away for awhile can seem 'new'.  I love that.  

His favorite items were the cardboard square with tissue paper and one of the rattles.  He threw the rattle over and over again (throwing is his new thing) and played fetch with himself. He then found the cardboard square and turned it over and over in his hand like it was gold.  I love how his little eyes light up with wonder at a simple piece of cardboard.  Here is the link for the tactile boards. 

I observed during most of this playtime, but I also sang with him and talked about the items he was exploring.  We sang Shake, Shake, Shake and Do, Re, Me with the xylophone.  Although, I didn't remember all the words, but I am really, really good (haha)at making up my own words to songs I don't know.  (That is an entirely different post.)  I also clapped and tried to see if he would clap with me, but that's not happening just yet.  I used words like: sound, clap, music, and made lots of sounds (swish, tick tock, knock knock, shhhhh, boom boom).  

I am planning on getting out the sound treasure box every once in awhile to mix things up again and work on some sound vocabulary.  I don't think Luke will mind.

this was the rattle he threw over and over 
luke exploring the bottle
moving around the piece of cardboard

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