Wedding Season: Shelby's Wedding

 One of my best girlfriends is a married woman!  She married her super sweet husband, Jeff, a few weeks ago at a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends.  

Shelby is the most laid back, cool lady I know.  She is a go-with-the-flow, 'whatever', 'sounds good' kind of person and I just love that about her.  She was not one bit anxious or nervous during her big day.  She was exactly how I thought she would be...beautiful and relaxed.  She knew she was about to marry the man of her dreams and that's all that mattered to her.

I was lucky to be a part of Shelby's wedding and I was so honored to observe their love and commitment to each other.  They are such a beautiful couple...inside and out...and Kevin, Luke and I are blessed to be a part of their lives.  Congratulations Jeff and Shelby!
finishing touches on shelby's hair!

shelby dressing her daughter, scarlet

the reveal...so sweet

the happy couple

kevin, luke, and i
the bridesmaids

shelby and jeff were able to take a picture in a corvette...so cool!

so sweet!

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