Eight is Great: Luke at 8 months

Our little man was 8 months old last Wednesday.  With all the excitement of the Fourth of July, this post is a little late.  Luke is learning, learning, learning and I'm excited to share all that he has been up to this past month.

  • Luke can sit up on his own and has even made it to the sitting position on his own once or twice.
  • Luke has started 'finger foods' and attempts at getting bites of Cheerios and bananas in his mouth on his own.
  • Luke can drink water from a straw.  He thinks he is hot stuff.
  • Splashing in the tub or 'pool' is Luke's new favorite thing to do.  He even started kicking his feet.
  • Some nicknames for Luke: Master Luke, Baby Luke, Little Man, Two-finger Luke (given to him by Papa Jeff because he sucks his fingers), and Baby Boy. 
  • Luke is on the move...backwards!  He loves to scoot and push himself around, just the wrong way. He will inch his way forward on a rare occasion (if it means getting to play with the A/C vent.)
  • All we have to do to get Luke to participate in a conversation is grunt at him; he grunts right back.
  • Luke finally made the transition to the nursery at church.  He loves to hang with the baby girls.
  • Luke loves his puppy, Abel.  He watches him as he darts around the yard and loves to get puppy kisses.

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