Hotze Wedding

I never got around to posting pictures of the wedding we attended a few weeks ago.  One of Kevin's best friends, Steve, got married two weeks ago to the sweetest, cutest, funniest girl, Jenna.  When Steve first introduced us to her, we both knew she was 'the one'.  I liked her right away because she has this gorgeous red hair, plus she is a little firecracker and cracks me up.  Kevin liked her right away because she 'got' Steve.  So, we obviously were rooting for this couple.  

Kevin was a groomsman in the wedding and he and the guys looked pretty darn good in their tuxes.  But, they didn't hold a candle to Jenna.  She looked absolutely stunning, not that I was surprised.  I actually captured a picture of the guys, which I don't often do.  All of these pictures are from my phone because I didn't want to lug around my big camera.  I think they turned out all right considering.  Two weddings down, two more to go this summer.  Can't wait!

mr. and mrs. hotze

the guys

steve and jenna were greeted with bagpipes when they got to the reception (if you haven't guessed, jenna is irish)

alisha, jenna, and i...cute alisha (and kyle) are expecting a boy this fall

kevin and i on the bus

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  1. Can't believe I never read this until today! You are the best!!!Absolutely love this article!!!=)


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