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This fall Kevin and I have around 15 friends that are having babies.  Madness.  Pure baby madness.  Being a baby lover, I couldn't be happier.  I can't wait to hold, cuddle, squeeze and kiss each and every last one of them.

During my pregnancy I pinned lots, lots of 'baby stuff'.  Today I'm going to share the pins I have gone back to over and over again during Luke's little life.  I hope these are helpful to some of you new-mommys-to-be!  Love you all!

click here to pin...if you have read some of my previous posts, i have tried these treasure baskets with luke and they are so fun!

click here to pin...baby center has tons of fun things to do with your babe, broken down by month

click here to pin...great information if you're going to breastfeed

click here to pin...this is THE BEST site for making your own baby food; it's genius

click here to pin...timeline of baby sleep, sleeping baby means sleeping mommy; super important

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