Football Baby Shower

 Hi all!  Happy Fall/October!  I've missed blogging these past few weeks, but am excited to catch up. The first event on the docket is a baby shower Kevin, Kevin's friend, Beedle, and I hosted at our home a few weeks back.

Last year my friends hosted a baby shower for Kevin and I during the Iowa/Iowa State game.  We decided it needed to be a tradition.  This year we hosted one for Kyle and Alisha, our friends that are having a baby boy, well, any day now!  I wanted to get this blog post done before Baby 'Burt' Rannells makes his appearance.  (No, the baby's name is not going to be Burt, much to Kevin's disappointment.)

It was a gorgeous day to watch football and gorge ourselves with fall football food including sloppy joes, Velveeta/sausage dip, and bacon wrapped smokies.  I had fun decorating and Kevin had fun making his chalkboard masterpiece.  I was able to make a few little banners using printables from Balancing Home and Lillian McCay Designs.  All of these printables are FREE!

It was a successful shower and I'm excited to meet that little bundle of Burt when he arrives!

i liked using brown paper lunch bags for chips...easy and fun!
the boys had fun with this...
super easy cupcakes
kyle and alisha opening gifts
alisha and luke 
chalkboard painted cardboard for guesses
the house divided

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