1 month away from 1 year

It's just around the corner, exactly one month away.  Luke's FIRST birthday.  I don't know how this happened.  I don't know how my tiny newborn turned into a dada-jabbering-throw everything-I-can-get-my-hands-on big boy.  Well, I'm going to relish this last month before this first birthday thing happens.  This month Luke had his first 'big owie'.  I thought about putting make-up on it (I know, ridiculous) or waiting to take his 11 month pictures, but then decided we needed to capture his 'all boy' type of personality, big owie and all. 

This is what Luke has been up to this month:
  • Luke loves to turn things over in his hands, but his favorite thing to do is throw!
  • Luke spends the day walking around the ottoman in the living room.  He thinks he is a big kid.
  • Boys will be boys...Luke received his first 'big owie' on his head at Uncle John and Aunt Hillary's house.
  • Bread...Luke's favorite food group.
  • Luke enjoys swinging in his swing while Daddy pushes him and makes him giggle.
  • Luke is drinking out of a straw sippy cup, but doesn't want to hold it on his own just yet.
  • Luke loves to raise his arms up in celebration with a gigantic smile on his face.  He is slowly learning 'TOUCHDOWN'.
  • Follow the leader is one of Luke's favorite games...he loves following Mommy and Daddy around the house.
Prepare for picture overload...
P.S. The little shirt and vest he is wearing was Kevin's when he was a baby; except Kevin wore it at 6 months!

yep, still sucks the fingers


  1. How can one little guy be so darn cute!!!

  2. Adorable pictures on the family farm...love that it was Kevin's vest!


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