Journey Group Bonfire

A few weekends back our Journey Group (aka Bible study group) came out to the trail for apple picking, dinner, and a bonfire.  We actually had EVERYONE here, which was quite incredible, considering our group has grown to 9 couples/families this past year.  We even had our founding Journey Group leaders there along with a cooking club family.  (We miss you already Kyle, Natalie, and Connor!!) It was quite the fun day; all being together.  

We started off the party by picking apples.  Our large yellow delicious apple tree has been quite full this year and our group picked apples to take home and to give to Mohm's Place in Council Bluffs, a non-profit organization that helps people who are homeless.  We spent a lot of time picking a lot of apples, but there are still apples on our tree.  If you're interested in some...let me know.

After apple picking we let the kiddos play inside and chowed down on some chili and soup.  It wasn't long before the guys wanted to get the fire started.  It started out, um, quite large, but then they got it under control.  The kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making s'mores while the adults chatted around the fire.  It ended up being a beautiful evening for a bonfire.  

Kevin, Luke, and I are blessed to be a part of this group and are so thankful we get to walk through life with these friends.  Thanks for coming out everyone!

thanks for the great pic of luke, annie!

getting the fire started
our group! thanks for the picture, carrie!

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