Activities for 10-12 month old

These past few months Luke has been super busy growing and learning.  Being at home, I have the luxury of doing some 'activities' with him throughout the day.  Summer has been a bit busy on the Trail due to the plants and yard to take care of, but we still managed to do a few fun semi-structured activities these past few months.  

Cushion Climbing
I took all the cushions off the couches and let Luke climb all over them.  His favorite thing to do was 'eat' them aka put his mouth on them and make a loud noise.  I did this activity to work on his gross motor development.  

Shell Exploring
We have many shells in our house from various vacations we have been on and we used them for sensory exploration, mainly to explore different textures.  I put three large shells in a bowl on the left side of Luke's body and then put another bowl on the right side of his body.  My hope was he would move the shells from one bowl to the other (working on directionality for reading; left to right).  He didn't really do this, but he enjoyed testing out the textures and, of course, exploring them with his mouth!

Colored Ice Cubes
I made some colored ice cubes for Luke to play with on hot summer days.  I'm going to be blatantly honest, we never got to them on those hot summer days.  We did, however, get to them last week when our furnace was getting fixed and it was 83 degrees in our house.  This was another sensory exploration activity and one Luke wasn't too sure about.  He enjoyed touching them, but then would suck his fingers for awhile as if thinking what to do next.  When they melted, he was much more ready to explore!

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