Chicago 2014

I love the city of Chicago.  It's probably my favorite big big city.  It is clean, there is great shopping, my awesome friend, Anne, lives there, Starbucks is five steps from every corner, and you can find yummy food wherever you go.  We made our annual trip to Chicago last week and it was a calm and relaxing few days.  Kevin did his thing at the conference he was attending and Luke and I explored the city and spent a lot of quality time with Anne.  

Being the pregnant lady that I am, I took advantage of having every possible food option available to me at all times.  I gave in to pretty much every craving that came upon me and it was good.  Biscuits and gravy, doughnuts, decaf lattes, Nutella, pizza, gelato, Ghirardelli chocolate, shrimp risotto...I did it all.  I'm not sure our unborn child knew what to think, but if Momma is happy, baby is happy...right?!  The three days of splurging on delicious food was good for my soul, but I came home ready to get back in the kitchen and eat some good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly (we eat a lot of those around here) and burgers on the grill.  

A huge thank you to Anne for taking so much time out of her days to come and visit us.  We were able to catch up and chat about everything as well as see her new apartment and go out to a delicious dinner (the risotto was perfect).    

Until next time, Chi-town...

Playing in the fountains at Millennium Park

Family photo opportunity

At the bean (Cloud Gate)!

Super-Luke loves water.

Luke crawled right up on Anne's lap and barely left her side every time we saw her.

Luke likes pretty girls that like to cuddle.

Luke's 1st Cubs game with Daddy.

Luke rode the 'L' train.

Luke absolutely loved playing at the Lego store.

Family photo at the Cubs game.

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