Random Picture Friday

It has been a stormy week on the Trail.  Our area encountered some weather that devastated crops, houses and buildings, cars, and trees.  Kevin, Luke and I are currently in Chicago and missed the dangerous storm.  We were so happy when we got word that friends and family were safe.  When menacing weather like that occurs, it is obviously terrible to lose crops and undergo damage to property, but it is also amazing to hear that friends, neighbors, and family members are safe.  Today I am thankful to God for keeping so many people safe that were in harm's way.  If you get a chance, please pray for the people of our area as they clean up limbs and trees as well as repair windows, cars, and buildings.

The pictures from this week are mostly from last weekend and the beginning of this week.  I will post pictures from Chicago soon.  Have a blessed weekend everyone!

7th Anniversary Date Night

Luke wasn't interested in taking pictures, he just wanted to play with Grandma and Papa.

Our dessert course at dinner.  A beet candy bar.  The chocolate was good.

Luke and his first sprinkler experience.  Classic.

Amelia came over for a swim.  

Best friend wagon ride.

 Take 1...typical Forristall men picture...eyes closed.

Take 2...much better.  Love my boys!

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