Random Picture Friday

Do you have a problem deleting pictures and videos from your phone?  Me, too.  It is probably one of the hardest things I have done today, besides resisting a second doughnut at Hy-Vee this morning (a glazed doughnut without frosting doesn't count, right?!).  Gosh, my pregnancy logic is just ridiculous.  Anyways, back to the pictures.  I needed to delete some items on my phone so I could download some new software I'm only a month or two late downloading.  I literally went through my phone and trimmed/edited every video of Luke, so I could keep as many videos and pictures as possible on my phone (please note all of these videos and pictures are saved on our computer).  I ended up saving most of them and only had to delete a few...and it only took me an hour!  Geesh.  An hour of my life gone.  

These are some pictures I did delete from the past week.  (Yay, me!)  Hope you enjoy...and have a blessed weekend!

Farm kid

Cuddling with Mommy after church.

Luke and Amelia chomping on some Cheerios after swimming.

A leftover picture from Chicago at the doughnut place.  

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