Lily is One

My baby girl is a year old today.  I am going to bypass the tears for now, as I'm sure they will be flowing once I start going through this past year of pictures.

Lily Jo is one spunky, cuddly, tenacious little girl.  Kevin and I love her to pieces and she has added something to our family that definitely wasn't there before.  She makes us laugh everyday and her and Luke are so fun to watch together.  Last week I told you all this past year was the fastest year of my life and it is oh so true.  This girl keeps me on my toes and I wouldn't want it any other way.

On to our sweet baby girl...

  • Lily Jo loves any toy with a face.  She squeezes stuffed animals and dolls like there's no tomorrow.
  • Lily is a Momma's girl.  Praise the Lord!  I love this 99% of the time.  There are times I would like to do something with two hands, but for now, I am soaking up all the love she gives me.
  • Lily loves a good adventure.  She loves climbing and riding things like her big brother.  She hasn't showed any signs of being scared of anything, which is wonderful and concerning all at the same time.
  • Bath time is Lily and Daddy's special time of day.  You can hear Lily laughing at her Daddy the whole time.
  • Lily loves putting beads around her neck.  She might be an accessory girl.  We gave her a necklace for her birthday and let's just say she is a fan.
  • Luke can make Lily laugh pretty much anytime he wants.  It is hilarious to watch him push her around in her chair or play peek-a-boo with her.  There are times when he will just start laughing at nothing and Lily will follow suit.
  • Lily loves the book Peek-A-Boo Forest.  She also enjoys Brown Bear, Brown Bear and anything Luke is reading at this very minute.  (We're working on that.)
  • There are times when Lily gets frustrated or bored and will put her face flat on the ground.  It is quite an interesting scene to watch.  She hasn't put two and two together that putting her face on the ground doesn't feel too great.
  • Lily still nurses twice a day and takes one bottle at night from Kevin.  We are slowly weaning her from the bottle at night, but it is a process.
  • Lily takes two naps a day, the longer one being in the afternoon.  She sleeps from about 7 to 7 at night.  Bless her.
  • Being picky has started a little early for Lily.  She loves fruit, yogurt and soup, but isn't a fan of bread or veggies.  She didn't even like cake on her birthday.  Whose child is she? :)
  • Lily is all over the place.  She isn't quite walking, but does a pretty cute scoot and crawl.  She is fast.
Here is an abbreviated version of this last year in pictures (cue the tears)...

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