Tot School: Letter B {36 months}

We did it!  Two weeks in a row of successful tot school! ;)  Although I am posting a week late...

Actually, Luke is pretty into it and loves learning about his 'letter' of the week.  He feels so smart pointing out the letters A and B when he sees them in print.  It has really built his confidence and I am one proud Momma that he is working so hard.

Here is what Luke has been up to this week:

Letter B

Activity: I introduced the Bible verse of the week to Luke and we looked through his magnetic letters to find the Bs.  We also found the letter As and put them off to the side.

Resource:Blessed are the Peacemakers

Activity:  We read Bear Says Thanks.  Luke used a dot marker to dot the circles on the B:bear page.

Resource:  B is for Butterfly (I couldn't find our B is for Bear page)

Lily wanted to help...

Activity: I found this puzzle in the dollar bin at Target awhile back.  We looked for the letter B and then found A.  This is a good activity to pull everything back together and not just learn the letter in isolation.

Activity:  Luke practiced getting ready to write the letter B.  He loves getting out the markers and following the lines.

Resource:  Getting Ready for Letter B

Activity:  We found letter B blocks.  Luke also practiced counting blocks.  His one-to-one correspondence still needs a bit of work.

Activities Not Pictured

Activity: We read through our letter B book as well as other alphabet books throughout the week.

Resource: Letter B book

Activity: Luke practiced tracing the letter B.  We did hand over hand for most of this.

Resource: Writing Letter B

Activity: I cut out letter B cards for Luke and we went through each word and card together.  He loves these and keeps them in his beloved car basket.

Resource: Letter B Cards

Tot School Planning Form: Letter B

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