Tot School: Letter C {36 months}

We have been dragging our feet a bit with Letter C.  We haven't been at home the past week, so we have been slowly completing all I had planned for this letter now that we are moved back and settled in.  Luke asked to do his Letter C activities this time around and my heart jumps every time.  He sometimes reminds me to do them.  My little Type A personality baby boy...gosh I love him.  Here is what Luke did this week...

Letter C

Activity:  I introduced the Letter C with a Bible verse and then we found all the magnetic letter C's.  Finding the letters is probably Luke's favorite part.

Resource:  Letter C Bible Verse

Activity:  We brought out the easel and I drew pictures of items that started with the letter C.  Luke loves watching me draw, which makes me feel good, especially since first graders draw better than I do.

Activity:  We got out some transportation ABC cards I gave Luke awhile back.  He loves these and now carries them around.  He found the letter C in the stack.  I love getting old things out that somehow become new again.

Resource: Transportation ABC Cards (I printed four to a page.)

Activity:  Luke stamped his letter C with a cork.  This wasn't his favorite.

Resource:Giant Letter C

Activity: Luke rolled a dice and then counted out coins to put in his piggy bank.  His one-to-one correspondence is not there, yet, but I am still trying to model as much as possible.

Activity:  Luke found all the Cs on the letter blocks.  He then counted how many C blocks he found.

Activities Not Pictured:

Activity:  Luke wasn't really into writing this week.  He traced some of the 'Getting Ready for Letter C' page, but didn't want to write the Cs.  I didn't push it.

Resource:  Handwriting Letter C

Activity:  We read Luke's letter C book as well as lots of alphabet books.  He loves this.

Resource: Letter C book

Activity:  Luke isn't a huge arts and crafts guy.  However, I did get out some cars and he dipped the wheels in paint and drove or painted on paper.

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