Random Picture Friday

Another Friday is here and we are excited to celebrate my cousin's wedding this weekend.  Have a blessed one!

Playtime at the zoo on a beautiful day! (Iowa folks, this was last week.)

On Luke's actual birthday we went to a model train museum.  Luke loves that place.

And Olive Garden for lunch.  (He picked out his outfit.)

A cupcake for dessert.  He loves the trick ones.

Measuring his height.  This kids is exceeding expectations.

And a little bit of Lily...

A yummy playdate at the park with cupcakes.

Luke was pretty pumped about his Thomas cake.

Free entertainment...Lily was watching a guy fix our door.

Sweet Baby Larry

My sister's family

Luke has put his new chainsaw to work.  He has cut down every tree we have...twice.

That light...those fingerprints.

We love Target.

Luke enjoyed his first cup of whipped cream from Starbucks.

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