Two Birthdays, One Party

As many of you know, my two sweets were born just two years and one week apart.  The closeness of their birthdays has lent itself well to hosting just one party for both of them.  I love parties, but I definitely am not disappointed about having just one party for both of them at this point in the parenting years.  Instead of telling you all about it...I am going to show you just how much fun we had this year...

Pretty flowers in my Grandma's china

Peanut butter and jelly bar

Kevin's artwork...and crockpots

Isn't he the cutest?

My sweet friend Paige and Cooper drove over for the party...it was so fun to spend some time with them!

We tried to get all the kids in for a picture...it was comical.

Sorry, Todd.  I couldn't resist.

Hay rack ride...thanks Papa Gary!

My sweet boys

We had so much fun seeing Uncle John, Aunt Hillary, Katie, and Baby David.  Katie even let us borrow her tractor for the day! :)

My sweet cousin and her daughter, Sadie, drove my Grandma over from Ottumwa.  It was so fun to see them and show them around the farm. :)

These cookies were a hit with Luke.

Claire and Lily

It was the sweetest thing to watch Luke while everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.  He was mesmerized.  

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