Thirty-two looks good on you...

My gorgeous hubby's birthday is today.  I will spare you all the reasons I love this man, but he really is the best possible partner for me and the best Daddy to our littles.  He makes me a better person and there really needs to be no other reason to adore him so much, but there are countless other reasons I am smitten with him.

I am praying that Kevin doesn't give me 'the look' for this story I'm about to tell, but I just can't help myself.  At an airport a few weeks back he was going through security and they stopped him.  They didn't think his ID was really him.  They thought he looked too young for his ID.  After a thorough investigation, they found out that indeed, his ID was him and he was allowed to proceed.  Thirty-two looks good on this guy.

Kevin plays so many roles and does them all so well.  Father, son, husband, mentor, leader, student, friend, investment guru (sorry babe, I can never remember your title), teacher, encourager.  Chaser of children, cuddler, runner, maid, landscaper, dance partner, builder, tractor driver, and most importantly, son of the One True King.

I am so incredibly lucky to call him my husband and pray he knows how loved and cherished he is today and everyday. 

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

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