Sunny Saturday: Fall

Mother Nature is a bit confused.  The first day of fall was on Thursday and it averaged 80 degrees all week.  I am a fall-lover, so this 80 degree stuff is not my favorite.  It's supposed to cool down next week, so I am looking forward to boots and warm drinks and cozy blankets.  

It was a MOPS week this week, which always means we were a bit busier than our normal.  We also (yay!!!) had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday, so stay tuned for some news later today from our gender reveal shin-dig with our family.  

Today I am sharing some of my favorite ways to fall-ify (is that a word?) my home.  I do not keep a lot of seasonal decor stored in bins at my house, so I mostly pull from nature and consumable items from the store.  

Here is what made my week a bit sunnier...

My in-laws have the cutest row of dwarf apple trees in their vineyard.  This year the apples have been big and beautiful and juicy.  We love taking the kids out there to pick and bringing back a basket full of beauties to set on the counter.  Plus, Luke studied the letter A a few weeks back, so it was a perfect connection.  P.S. I have high hopes to make this French apple tart recipe sometime soon.

Kevin has been busy cleaning things up around our place.  I think he has used a chain saw more in the last month than he has his entire life.  He cut branches off our super tall sycamore tree and cut me some pretty wood disks for decorating.  They were kind of a pain to sand and clean, but they were well worth the effort.  Thanks, babe!

It seems almost impossible to get out of Target without buying something that is not on my list, which is why I try and limit my trips.  This week I found a pretty candle on clearance (that actually smelled good) and I just couldn't pass it up.  It's in a pretty blue and yellow ceramic wide mouthed jar. I love to change up my candles and soaps to embrace each change of season.  I am going to be burning this thing all weekend long. 

Fall is the time for big, hearty, unbutton your pants breakfasts.  This week I made two egg casseroles and they made our home smell like colder weather is coming.  I have a go-to recipe I use almost every time and it never disappoints.  It's thick and filling and feeds a crowd.  Try it, you won't regret it.

The last way I make my home a little bit more fall-ish is to bring the outside in...picking up acorns and setting them in a small bowl or cutting a few branches and placing them in a vase.  I love collecting things from nature and always have a few eager helpers in tow.  A little tip: There are pinecones covering the ground right now.  If you want some for decorating this winter, go on a hunt for them now!

I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today...and we just can't wait to announce to all our family and friends if a boy or girl is going to join our family in February!  Stay tuned!  

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