Road Trip to THE Silos

You Fixer Upper lovers out there know all about Waco, Texas...the Silos, Magnolia Farms, Chip and Jo.  All of it.  

This past weekend some friends and I loaded up a car with as little as we possibly could, so we had enough room for our lovely purchases, and headed south to Texas.  These girlfriends of mine are the real deal.  They don't really watch Fixer Upper and two of them had never even heard of it.  They just blindly said yes to this road trip and lovingly accompanied me all the way to the Silos.

Our trip started early Friday morning as we drove down our gravel road, giddy from the chance to have uninterrupted girl time.  13 hours later, we arrived in Waco...just about three hours more than we had anticipated.  Traffic was awful and I'm pretty sure we hit every possibly rush hour in every large city on the way down.  Luckily, we had each other and plenty of things to talk about.  We met another friend who flew in at a cute steakhouse called 135 Prime that served the best bruschetta with escargot.  We laughed until we cried, found out Chip and Jo frequent the place and then headed to our VRBO.

Guys, I was pinching myself when I found this VRBO.  It is a Fixer Upper house completed in Season 3.  It's episode 9, and if you remember right, Max Lucado is in the episode.  His daughter and her husband were the ones on the show. This house is perfectly done top to bottom and I wish my pictures could do it justice.  As we arrived at the house and explored every nook and cranny, I got nervous I wasn't going to be able to sleep because I was so excited.  I guess I needn't have worried about that, because we stayed up half the night chatting and then collapsed for a few hours of sleep before we were up again getting ready to check out the Silos.

If there is any advice I can give to those of you going to Waco, it's go early. We pulled in at 8:30 and were some of the first people on the property.  We grabbed breakfast at the new bakery and had time to relax and enjoy the scenery on the patio.  The pig biscuits are heavenly and I could eat one everyday. Around 8:45 a line started to form at the warehouse doors, so I headed over to stand with the rest of the excited customers.

The warehouse is beautiful and has so many fun and unique decorative items as well as Magnolia Farms shirts and keepsakes.  Jo has her paint and rugs for sale as well.  I'm pretty sure there were like one thousand people working and every single one of them was as sweet as pie.  They didn't rush when we checked out and were so kind to tell us things to do around Waco. 

We couldn't leave without checking out the garden area.  It is so well done and I'm still not sure how they keep it so immaculate.  It might be the one thousand employees they have working happily around the place. 

Around 10:30, we had seen everything I wanted to see and we headed to do some more shopping within walking distance of the Silos.  The crowds were getting bigger as we left and I was so happy we made it there early.

After shopping, we waited in line for cupcakes to take back to our house from the bakery.  They were worth the wait.  The cake and frosting ratio is on point and I couldn't say a bad thing about them. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent at a Mexican restaurant and then our amazing little house.  We opted to stay in for dinner and my friend, Amber, made an incredible meat and cheese platter.  Our bellies hurt from all the food we had enjoyed throughout the day.  We watched football, chatted, and even watched Season 3 Episode 9 from Fixer Upper, because one of the girls had never seen the show.  It was fun to be in the house watching the episode.  The couple who owns the house even stopped by to say hello and were the sweetest pair.

The night ended with a few 80s movies and we all went to bed earlier than the night before.  We left Waco a little after dawn with hopes our journey wouldn't be as long as the way down.  We made it in 11 1/2 hours, with one minor hiccup along with way.  

I was so happy to hug and kiss and snuggle my babies when we got home.  Three days away was oh so good for me, but I missed their sweet faces.  We picked tomatoes and took the girls around the farm before bedtime.  

Labor Day was spent at the Quarry.  Paige took off in the morning to get home to her family and my friend, Anne, left late afternoon on Monday, so we were able to spend some extra time with her.

It was a trip I will not soon forget.  The Silos were great, but the time with my girlfriends was even better.  That time is priceless and I will always be grateful to them for making this journey with me. 

My final thought is that if you are a fan of Fixer Upper, the Silos are truly better than you can imagine.  It's beautiful and well done and just a teensy bit magical. 


  1. My own littleVannah,! mean my own little Vanessa 💕

    1. So happy you had this fun time with your girl friends ❤️


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