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It is Saturday, April 1, and that means I have a houseful of some of my favorite people.  My best girlfriends from high school all came out to the Trail from Denver, Chicago, and central Iowa to visit for the weekend and meet Jude.  I have been looking forward to today for weeks!

The past seven days were absolutely lovely because my mom was in town.  She makes life a bit easier helping with the kids, watching the kids, cleaning and picking up.  AND she watched all three babes so Kevin and I could have our first night out together without one single child with us.  She is the best.

This week I am sharing some things I picked up to make this girl's weekend on the Trail a bit more special.

Plants.  This time of year makes me want to buy all the green things and plant them in pretty pots around my house.  I picked up a few Jade plants from Home Depot last week, repotted them and I love looking at them.  These babies are easy to care for: water once a week and keep in a place with plenty of light. Plants make me think spring which makes me think warmer weather which makes me think putting on and taking off coats, in the car, when we go to Target, will be over soon.  #itsthelittlethings

We will be celebrating a few birthdays this weekend and this Letterfolk board makes celebrating a bit more fun.  The quote is perfect for our family, well, because there are lots and lots of boogers around here.  (I may or may not get handed boogers on a daily basis.)  I had been waiting to snatch one of these boards up and the time came on black Friday this past year.  I have been loving it ever since.

Adding fresh flowers and a candle to the counter can make everyday life more special.  This candle will burn all weekend long in honor of the last time we were all together in Waco, Texas.  It smells like spring and will remind me of the fun time we had in the world of Fixer Upper and Chip and Jo.

We are going to be doing a lot of hanging at the house this weekend, so there will be a few meals eaten here.  This ham and cheese slider recipe is basically the easiest thing to throw together for a crowd.  Add a salad and some kettle chips and it's the perfect lunch.

Cheers to a great weekend and the most sunniest of Saturdays, even if the sun isn't going to show it's face.  Have a great one, friends!

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