5 months with Jude

A lot has changed since Jude entered the world on a cool February evening five months ago.  The snow and bitter wind has been exchanged for humid heat, green grass, and longer days.  His newborn swaddles have been swapped for bigger sleepers and a sack he can actually move in.  I no longer get to see his sweet face four or five times in the middle of the night.  It's hard to believe, but life has changed a lot in the last five months.  The changes have been incremental.  Slow, sloth like shifts that are hard to notice until, well, I notice.  Usually three weeks after the fact.

Our littlest guy is the definition of change.  Here is what he has been up to this past month.
  • Sleeping ebbs and flows.  His nighttime sleep is semi-consistent with a good eight hour stretch at the beginning of the night, followed by a feeding and another three or four hour stretch.  Nap times are a bit harder as we are trying to teach him to sleep in bigger chunks.
  • Scooting.  He is somewhere in-between rolling and crawling.  He somehow gets from point A to point B and the only thing I know to call it is scooting.  He is on his knees a lot and wants to crawl like it's nobody's business.  (Take your time son of mine.)
  • Jude is one of the smiliest kids.  All it takes is talking to him to be gifted one of his mouth-open-wide-smiles.
  • Spitting up is still on Jude's repertoire of things he does well.  The washing machine is always going at our house.
  • Jude loves playing with his rings and books and gets giddy when someone reads, The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. 
  • Jude has discovered his legs.  He loves to kick his legs when he gets excited about something. Speaking of kicking his legs, Jude loves to do his new trick in the bathtub.  We will soon be moving bath time to the actual bathtub.   
  • If Jude is crabby, a trip outside will surely lift his spirits.  He loves rolling around on the grass and looking up at the sky.
  • Jude's favorite people are Luke and Lily.  Lily likes to blow raspberries on his stomach and Luke likes to read him books and talk to him.  My dream is for them all to be the best of friends.  #mommascandream #onmykneesforthisone

Our baby boy is growing, growing, growing and as much as we love it, we are cherishing each and every day of the sweet baby phase.  (Kevin and I both love it so much.)  

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