Summertime Things

Did anyone else think Wednesday was Monday this past week?  Independence Day threw me for a loop being on Tuesday this year.  I have been operating in the wrong day for the last four days.    But, Saturday is here and all is well!  

I am meeting some of my college girlfriends today sans kids for some girl time and catching up.  My husband of the year is settling in with all three of our babes and I am so grateful to get out of the house for a bit. #imarriedwell

We are in the thick of an Iowa summer with all it's humidity and cloudless days and relentless heat.  There is just something about the way a July day feels; mostly like one needs to be by water or inside in the A/C.  On this Sunny Saturday, I'm sharing some things that make an Iowa summer a bit more enjoyable.

July is the month of lilies.  They are in bloom in the front yard, back yard, and side yards.  There are pink ones, peach ones (and every color in between), ruffled ones, and extra large ones all over the farm.  Kevin and I love pointing these flowers out to Lily and telling them they are her flowers.  She might love it a bit, too.

This tank from Walk in Love is my absolute new favorite piece of clothing.  If you have seen me more than once in the past month, you have probably seen me wear this shirt.  It is lightweight and easy to pair with my workout gear or a pair of shorts to head to the Farmer's Market.  The 'Be Still' message on the front is a good reminder for me during the want-to-do-everything months of summer.

A good book.  I have a few on my list this summer and I am trying to slip some fun ones in as much as possible.  I tend to read nonfiction or memoirs and I want to change it up and read some just plain fun fiction this summer.  I started Windfall and am hoping to read Dark Matter and A French Wedding as well.  These books are outside my usual genres, so we will see what happens.  I did just get At Home in this Life by Jerusalem Jackson Greer and might try and get started on it sometime this next week.  This heat makes me want to stay inside one afternoon and dive into one of these books.

I love a good salad in the summertime...on bread of course.  Our lunches lately have consisted of chicken salad on croissants or Hawaiian rolls.  In this stage of life, I pick up a tub at Sam's and call it a day.  If you're interested in doing it the homemade way, I found this easy recipe that I might try one day when my kids can all use the bathroom on their own.  #keepingitreal

I hope you have the best Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today.  Long live the hot days of summer!

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