Sunny Saturday

My hubby is home.  He was traveling all week and life just feels right when we are all under one roof.  My saint of a mother came to stay with us this week while Luke attended Summer U and it was a week of refreshing time away for me. Summer U and my momma are the reasons I feel like a million bucks today.

This week I'm sharing some things that made my week sunnier.

Washi tape.  I spent some time crafting this week (who am I??) and washi tape is my new favorite product.  It comes in so many pretty colors and patterns and is perfect for making cards or dressing up pens or paper clips or pictures in a kid room.  This stuff is so fun and purchasing it at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon makes it acceptable to pick up a few different patterns.

These little purple bulbs are blooming all over the farm.  They are called drumstick alliums (thanks google) and the kids have loved watching them change from green to purple balls.  They last in a vase of water for at least a week and are an ideal compliment to a big bouquet of lilies and phlox or white hydrangeas.

Halo Top ice cream.  Anyone else out there loving this stuff?  It is the perfect treat in the summertime and boasts around only 240-360 calories for the entire pint.  What's not to love?  My favorites are mint chip and chocolate chip cookie dough.  I don't mind chocolate and vanilla either.  Let's be real, I would eat any pint you put in front of me.  My freezer will be stocked with these pints of goodness all summer long.

Last weekend I made my first cherry pie of the season.  Our cherry tree is bursting with the red fruit and I can't keep up with it all.  If you're local and want to pick, shoot me a text and come on out.  Give me a scoop of Halo Top vanilla ice cream atop a piece of warm pie and I am living out a bit of heaven.

The last thing that made my week sunnier was time alone.  This week I was able to get away and write and think and blog and plan next year's school year for Luke.  When I get to get away, I always feel refreshed and energized to invest in my babies with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.  Self care is important, Mommas.  Make sure you take time to fill your tank.

I hope you all have a great weekend celebrating Independence Day.  Have a Sunny Saturday, all!

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