Sunny Saturday

What a week.  A sunset date, Cooking Club, hot coffee, playdates with friends, time alone with my babes.  It has been a good seven days, friends.  Weeks like these I find myself extra grateful for this life God has gifted me.

Today I'm sharing some things that have made my week extra sunny.  They are equal parts random and lovely.  Hope you enjoy.

First up, this truthful book by Jerusalem Jackson Greer.  I mentioned it last week, but I am in the thick of it and can't put it down.  At Home in this Life is honest and real and down to earth.  I love a good story and this is exactly that.  Girlfriends, you won't be disappointed by this one.

Big, beautiful, plum-colored lilies.  These are planted in our front garden bed and I can see them from our picture window.  They are absolutely stunning and I can't help clipping a few stems and displaying them inside either alone or with an array of other cut flowers from the yard.  It's simply the best to have flowers just a few steps outside our front door.

Less is more.  I have been on a purging spree.  Kevin so thoughtfully found The Minimalists documentary on Netflix for me.  (He really loves me.)  Although I haven't had a chance to watch it, I started listening to their podcast.  I love their tagline 'Love people, use things. The opposite never works.'  My favorite simple living writers are Joshua Becker, Tsh Oxenreider, and Erin Loechner, but Josh and Ryan give some practical advice and their banter and discussions are comical (and slightly inappropriate at times).

My crockpot.  This is not included in my picture, but I have been using this thing like it's going out of style.  I know everyone is loving the instant pot, but I haven't jumped on that bandwagon, yet.  And, I'm on a purging streak, so one is definitely not coming into the house anytime soon.  This week I made Thai chicken with peanut sauce for my crew when I was at Cooking Club and it was well received.  In the summer, I love having dinner already thought through so I can spend my time outside in the sprinkler with my babes.

Today we are celebrating my sweet nephew's birthday construction style.  Both Luke and Lily are just a teensy bit giddy to see their cousins.  Have a Sunny Saturday, all!

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