House Remodel: Siding and Cabinet Doors

A few posts back I wrote about mud.  I was a tad bit angry at the time, mostly because I had spent a number of hours trying to get rid of the mud that covered, what felt like, everything in the house.  In that specific post I might have hinted that I wanted the warm weather to disappear.  It has definitely not disappeared and I am taking that comment back...right...now.  It was a more than pleasant 67 degrees out today, on January 30, in Iowa.  It might have been a big tease (Punxsutawney Phil will let us know on Thursday), but I enjoyed every ray of sun that landed on my very pale skin.  There is still some wet, gooey spots in our yard, but for the most part it is dry, dry, dry!  

When I got home from school I tried to take full advantage of the gorgeousness, so Abel and I went for a lengthy walk and I was able to get some pictures of the outside of the house.  The guys have been working hard and the siding is mostly finished.  It matches the rest of the house well and looks terrific with the large windows in back.

The painters also finished varnishing our cabinet doors this afternoon.  It was perfect timing with the beautiful weather, we opened up all the windows and there was barely a scent of the awful varnish smell when we got home tonight.  I am not too sure what is going to go on this week with the remodel, but we think and hope the chalkboard will be painted tomorrow along with the trim around the kitchen window.  

It sounds like we're going to have some more unbelievable weather the rest of the week, and you will not catch me posting about the warm weather disappearing again.  I promise.

The view from the kitchen

The addition!

Cabinet doors!

We decided to go with a simple front on the doors.

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