Best Friends

I have the very best friends.  I am blessed with some pretty incredible people in my life and sometimes I get reminded and surprised by how truly lucky I am. 
Last weekend Kevin, my mom, and I headed to Sioux City for Morningside's homecoming.  Two of my friends/teammates were getting inducted into the hall of fame at halftime and I didn't want to miss that, along with the chance to see all my friends that would be in attendance.  Our first stop was Miles, which is a Morningside bar famous for their schooners and charlie boys...yum!  We met the girls there and they all surprised me with a baby shower, right there at Miles, in the middle of the Iowa game.  I think I might be the first woman to ever have a baby shower at Miles and I think that is absolutely terrific.  We caught up with what was happening in our lives, told some college tales and ate charlie boys and cupcakes with buttercream, not whipped, icing.  
We all headed to the football game right before halftime to see Megan and Britt get announced and inducted into the hall of fame right alongside the 1957 football team.  It was cool to be there and I am so excited for these girls and their accomplishments.  They definitely deserve the honor.  
It's so amazing how all of our lives are changing: marriage, new dogs, boyfriends, new houses, babies, coaching jobs, etc.  But even though our lives are all so different, we can still sit together and laugh for hours.  That is exactly what I love about these girls and why I will take every chance I get to sit and eat and laugh with these amazing best friends.

betsy was practicing her photography skills
mom in the middle
congrats megan and britt!

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