My Mom

My mom is a wonderful mom.  She is unselfish, loving, crazy and chatty, and, most of all, giving.  Since I am about to become a mother (that still seems impossible even though I have a basketball or baby where my belly used to be), I am reminded how blessed I am with the mother God gave me.  
This past weekend she came for a visit and completely showered me with all the love that she possibly could in those two short days.  Whenever she is around, it feels like home; crazy, loud, wonderful, cozy home.  Not only did she give me a much needed pedicure, but she chatted, encouraged, and swooned with me about the upcoming arrival of our little boy like only my mom could.  I pray that my little man knows how much I love him every little second of his life, just like I know that there is not a second that goes by that my mom is not loving me.

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