Quick Trip

Being 8 months pregnant is rather exciting because it means we get to meet our little guy in about a month.  Not only that, but we can use the 'new and expecting mothers' parking spot at Hy-Vee.  Kevin says we can use it now because it definitely looks like I'm pregnant.  We used it the other day and he was quite giddy about it.  People have also been an extra bit nice lately...offering me a chair when there is none, helping me up, getting me food, etc.  I definitely have been spoiled.  
Being 8 months pregnant also comes with a tad bit of uncomfortableness.  I have been blessed and have had an easy pregnancy thus far, but towards the end here my back hasn't been too easy on me.  Car rides aren't fun and neither is sleeping in a bed that's not mine.  This weekend we had a dilemma because it was our nephew's, Landon's, birthday and we wanted to go home and be there for it.  We decided to drive there and back, all on Saturday.  The perk in that scenario being that I could sleep in my own bed.  
We made the trip, all in one day, and I am so glad we did!  We were able to see Landon's football game, Xavier's soccer game, Mae's soccer game and, of course, attend Landon's birthday party.  Although it was a super quick trip, it was definitely worth it and my back thanked me Sunday morning for rest in my own bed.  
how sweet is jakobi, he is walking now!

landon and xavier at the fields

uncle kevin wrestling with the boys

jakobi LOVED this football

silly faces

happy birthday landon!

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