Feeling special

Yesterday was just one of those days that I felt extra special.  Kevin and I received some packages from one of my former students and her family.  They have always been so kind to Kevin and I and wanted to give Baby Forristall some gifts before his arrival (which hopefully will be soon).  Karagin, my 'old' student as we joke, picked out some adorable onesies for our little guy.  She has always been so thoughtful in everything she does and I miss seeing her and chatting with her at school.  I only hope my children will be as kind and caring as Miss Karagin. 
Not only did Kevin and I get cute outfits yesterday, but we also had the chance to have dinner with a couple from our Bible study group, Annie and Drew.  They are such an amazing couple and we love seeing them every chance we get.  They surprised us with some hospital 'must haves' and gave Kevin some of the yummy almonds he loves.    
Yesterday, as totally unexpected as it was, I felt so special.  God has been good to us and put so many amazing people in our lives that have blessed us again and again.  I can't wait for our son to meet you all!

how sweet is she?!

hospital goodies!

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