It has been one of those great days.  I actually dragged myself out of bed on time, I remembered everything I needed to drop the kids off at Grandma's house, and Kevin and I drove away to the city to his Lasik eye surgery.  

Kevin is one of those guys who doesn't like a lot of fuss, so he told me to please leave the surgery center while he is getting it done and go have some time for myself.  Yes, please...and thank you.  I drive straight to Home Goods, a stop I have been wanting to make for ages, but have put off because there are just too many things my littles can break in that store.  I wander through every aisle.  I touch things, pick up things, and don't have to give out seventeen snacks in the process.  

I wish I could go back and tell my twenty-something self to enjoy shopping alone.  Someday, you will dream of it...

Back to my dreamy morning.  After Home Goods, I head into Marshall's and then, of course, Target.  I had a glorious time and made it back to the surgery center just in time to see Kevin finishing up behind a glass wall.

He comes out, goggles on and a bit wobbly, but he says he is doing okay.  I drive him home and he rests most of the time.  I drop him off at home before I pick up the kids.  He is needing to be in a quiet, dark place for awhile and that just won't happen with our kids anywhere in a thirty foot vicinity of him. So, what does he do?  Obviously, he hides in the basement. 

I get him settled and then head to pick up our littles.  After they are down for naps at our place, I settle into my afternoon routine...picking up, doing a few chores, laundry, and blogging.  I check on Kevin every half hour or so, and he is all nestled into the dark room in our basement and doing fine.

The clock strikes 4:30 and nap time has come to an end.  I get Luke up and we cuddle on the couch for awhile.  He then cuddles with Daddy.  Kevin has to wear some protective goggles for 24 hours and this seems to entertain Luke.

I get Lily up and snuggle with her in the chair in her room. Kevin comes in with his goggles on and she looks at him with utter amazement.  She reaches for him, he walks over and she rests her little head on his shoulder, willing herself to be with him, on top of him.  They stay like that for a few minutes - her body sitting on the chair, but wanting to be with Kevin.  Kevin and I both sneak looks at each other, both of us in awe of this gesture. 

Lily is not a Daddy's girl at this point.  She prefers Momma just as Luke prefers Dad.  This sweet moment was special for both Kevin and I, as he is working so hard to build a deep, meaningful relationship with her.  

The rest of the night unfolds just like those few minutes on the chair.  She is all about Daddy and his goggles and his hugs and kisses.  She wants to be beside him, she wants him to hold her, she wants him to cuddle her on the couch.  

Those magic goggles have given me a glimpse into the future of these two. Since that night, she does not withhold hugs or kisses from Kevin, but gives them freely and without reservation.  She openly runs to him and gives him kisses through the gate.  She says 'Daddy' with such awe and reverence and love, that it makes my heart beat a bit faster.  

I am so looking forward to watching this Daddy and daughter relationship grow and thrive and flourish and become what God intended it to be: strong and honest and real. 

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