Lazy eyelids

Kevin just stretched out on the couch, Luke laying on his chest.  Luke is waking up from his nap.  Kevin covers them both with a fuzzy blanket.  I say hey to Luke, touch his face, and give him a kiss on the cheek.  He looks at me with a glazed over look and I know instantly he is still not fully awake.  I watch him in his Daddy's arms.  He is staring past me and then slowly, slowly, slowly his eyelids start to drop.  He attempts to keep them open, but suddenly fails and they fall shut.  I sit there, watching him, mesmerized by my sleeping not-so-baby-boy.  He is absolutely perfect in this moment.  Round cheeks, fingers in his mouth, eyes closed, mind and body quiet.  

I watch him for two or three minutes and his eyes flutter open again.  He is back...kind of.  He looks past me again as I caress his cheek with my thumb and then his sleepiness wins one more time as he closes his eyes and rests once more.  Finally, it is time for him to get up, so I whisper his name as Kevin cuddles him close in his arms.  He opens his eyes, but I can tell he wants to close them like before.  I talk to him and ask him about his dreams.  Talking isn't his favorite thing when he wakes up, but he needs to come alive from his nap and greet the afternoon.  He finally keeps his eyes open longer than three minutes and begins to show signs of life.

My sweet firstborn son is growing up from a toddler to a little boy.  Some days I long for him to get bigger and able to do more things.  But that time on the couch, Luke in his Daddy's arms...I'm pretty sure I could handle him staying just like that forever and always.  It's okay if you stay this way just awhile longer my little Luke.

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