Sunny Saturday

We are free birds this weekend.  We have absolutely no plans except to enjoy this uninterrupted time together and celebrate the fruits of our labor: Luke is no longer in diapers!  PTL! as my dad would say or text or whatever over voice text.  Translation: Praise the Lord!  

This week was quiet and loud and messy and just right.  We had a house full when a wagon train of about eight covered wagons passed by our house on Thursday.  The rest of the week our home was as still and quiet as it can be with two littles running around.  We read books, played on the swing set, blew bubbles, had pancakes for breakfast, and stayed in our pajamas until noon.

This week I am sharing some random items that made this week just a bit sunnier. 

First up is the classic children's book, Charlotte's Web.  I love reading novels to Luke after he wakes up from his nap in the afternoon.  It is a special time for the two of us before our Lily is up and all over the both of us.  We finished all the Winnie-the-Pooh books and went looking for another novel to read.  My sweet friend, Annie, is letting us borrow this book and it has been wonderful to share this story with Luke.  I have had to change some of the wording as I read because E.B. White didn't sugar coat anything about the facts of life, death included.  I'm sure we will read this again in the future when talking about life and death in a super direct way is more appropriate.

If you have been reading awhile, you know I love Jamie Ivey and her podcast.  She is selling these downloadable scripture cards on her website and we have been using them for about two weeks now. There are eight weeks of verses you can download and print off to memorize as a family.  Like I said, we have been doing them for two weeks, but we are still on week one.  Luke enjoys them and it helps me to be more intentional with memorizing scripture.  The first week's scripture, Psalm 56:3, couldn't be more needed with what has happened in our country over the past week.  #pray

Kevin's mom has plump, glorious raspberry bushes at her house and we have been going up there to pick for the last few weeks.  The kids can eat raspberries by the pound, so thank goodness for Grandma Diane and her ability to grow anything!  I had some leftover mushy raspberries that I used to make this just-sweet-enough raspberry sauce.  My searches on Pinterest often include the word 'easy' and this sauce is both that and the perfect condiment for buttery pancakes.  If you have some raspberries in your fridge, you must try.  Tip: I halved this recipe and it still made enough for our entire family plus some.

My hydrangeas look like fluffy white clouds as I peer at them through my bedroom window.  They are all in bloom and are donning my countertops, making this week just a bit lovelier and sunnier.  Don't fresh flowers always do that?

I hope you have a Sunny July Saturday wherever you may be today!

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