Christ is Risen!

In our family, Easter Sunday is all about the most incredible gift God has given us, His Son Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful for this amazing gift and I feel blessed to be able to celebrate this miracle with my family.
We were in Ottumwa ALL weekend and were able to spend lots and lots of quality time with everyone.  My mom hosted Easter dinner this year, so we spent most of Saturday hanging at the house getting things ready for Sunday dinner.  It was a rainy, yucky day, so unfortunately the kids had to do their Easter egg hunt inside.  It was not as exciting, but my brother made it entertaining for everyone by hiding eggs in impossible places (such as above the door, in the chandelier, etc.), much to my mom's dismay.  The 'prize' egg held a dollar bill (the kids were SO excited about ONE DOLLAR!) and it was the only egg that didn't get found until about an hour after the egg hunt ended.

On Sunday we headed to church and it was packed!  We sat in the back, which is our usual spot because our family has a problem with being on time, to anything.  The kids didn't mind because they could twirl and dance to the music without any worries.  We had a yummy dinner at Mom's house and then we were off to Grinnell to have a quick visit with Kevin's family.  Finally, we were headed back to Pioneer Trail with full bellies (of Starburst jelly beans).  

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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