Spring Break Fun!

I am enjoying one of the perks of being a teacher this week...spring break!  I feel incredibly lucky to have an entire week to do anything and everything that crosses my mind.  I have been on the road most of the time and have been able to visit some people I don't get to see enough.  I traveled to Iowa City, then Ottumwa and finally to Sioux City, all in the past four days.

I was able to spend Sunday afternoon with Cooper, Paige and Eric in Iowa City.  We had lunch, went to the park to feed sticks to Osc (Oscar the Grouch), and did the monster march.  There was not a dull moment and it was great to spend some time with this sweet little family.

Feeding sticks to Osc

Eating chocolate from his Easter basket.
Next on my list of destinations was Ottumwa.  It was a quick trip, but I was able to see my family and all the kiddos.  Mom spoiled me with Breadeaux Pizza and Graham's ice cream and I was in heaven.  The kids were excited because they got to stay up late (on a SCHOOL night) and get ice cream cones with me, but the truth is I was slightly more excited.  After lots of hugs, kisses, football, Jakobi cuddles, taco pizza and twist cones...I headed back to Macedonia.

The boys showing me their 'moves'


Yesterday I headed to Sioux City for the afternoon to see BI, BR, and Kayla.  Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, even though my camera was in my car (what was I thinking??!).  It is always great to see these girls and I don't think we stop laughing when we're together...let's just say they make me happy.  

Hope you all are having a great week!!

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