Farm Things

I have learned a lot of farm things this week.  Most people probably wouldn't consider some of these farm things, but for a girl whose only experience working outside has been watering plants in pots on a deck, these things were a pretty big deal.
First, I learned how to operate the riding lawnmower.  I mowed all the yards this past week after Kevin showed me how to move that pretty green rider.  I absolutely LOVE mowing.  It's my new favorite thing.  This morning I went out and mowed the back, back yard and trails.  I did this all. by. myself.  Kevin doesn't know this yet, but I think he's going to be proud.
Second, I learned about weeds.  ALL kinds of weeds.  I also learned how to use this little tool to pull them, which is amazing.  I spent a lot of yesterday weeding the flower beds and I think they are starting to look a bit better.  I seriously never thought dandelion plants could get SO big...but some of the ones I pulled were quite out of control!

Some of the beds...pre-weeding

I also learned how to cut asparagus and pull rhubarb.  Those are some of the spring yummies that Diane has in her garden.  The asparagus has to be cut about an inch below the dirt to allow it to grow again (who knew we will be picking asparagus until June).  The rhubarb has to be pulled out of the ground by twisting back and forth carefully.  Thank goodness for Youtube, otherwise I would have been cutting them off with scissors!  With the fresh items from the garden I made asparagus soup and strawberry/rhubarb jam.  I felt like a real farm girl, only for a few hours. :)
So, that concludes my list of farm things.  I feel pretty confident that I will be learning new farm things everyday for the next, well, forever.

Kevin took this picture after we got done doing farm things

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