I'm a little behind on my blogging this week.  We took advantage of the nice weather this week and worked outside as much as possible.  Since the sky is gray today and the ground is wet, it is a perfect day to catch up!
Last Saturday afternoon some of my best friends from college headed out to Pioneer Trail to have a little reunion of sorts.  It had been wayyy too long since we have all been together, but as soon as the girls got here it was clear that nothing had changed.  
Paula brought her sweet family of four for the day, which was perfect because Kevin and her husband, Gabe, were roommates in college.  They have two little boys and we all enjoyed cuddling and playing with them all day.  Kevin and Carson (Paula and Gabe's oldest) became friends quickly.  Carson is crazy about tractors and Kevin took him on a few rides around the farm.  Carson did not want to get off...at all.  I'm pretty sure that Kevin enjoyed it every bit as much as Carson.
BI and BR came from Sioux City and made us laugh as soon as the walked in the door.  They brought adorable little gifts for Carson and Kellen and...nail polish.  After catching up and having lunch, everyone painted their nails.  This is a very typical activity for a Saturday afternoon spent with these girls and one of the many reasons I absolutely love them.  BI is always prepared and brought a purse full of every color of nail polish one could imagine, including a sparkly top coat.  Carson even got in on a little of the nail painting action, in between rides on the tractors.
Saturday was just one of those afternoons that melted away and before we knew it...it was time to say good-bye.  Even though the afternoon went by too fast, I know that there is another get together in the near future...right girls?!!  Miss you already!

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