Tactile Boards

We received a big box of beef the other day and after emptying it in the freezer I had a big, perfect, useful brown cardboard box.  I decided to make some tactile boards for Luke with some things I had on hand.  Tactile boards are used for sensory development; they are perfect for little hands to explore different textures.  

I grabbed some straws, bows, tissue paper, and hot glue and got busy.  I cut out some rectangles and then glued the different items on the boards. 

Luke seemed interested in them and played with them for a bit, but, honestly, he liked a rectangle of cardboard with nothing on it quite a bit more.  Go figure.  That's okay, I'm sure he will like the other boards one of these days.

that grin cracks me up and softens my heart
love those little toes


  1. Just love how Luke is sitting so reelaxed in his lil chair..gotta be a guy thing!!!

  2. Yeah, I can picture a remote in one hand & a bottle in the other!


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