Random Picture Friday

The week after a holiday weekend always seems longer and not as exciting.  I am a-okay with that.  This week was glorious and I felt like I was able to get some things accomplished with some time in there to relax.  My family is coming this weekend to swim, play, and enjoy each other one last time before my brother's family makes the cross country move to sunny California.  It will be a crazy special weekend.  Hope you have a blessed weekend filled with lots of sunshine and free time.  Enjoy!

Here are some pictures from this week...

Splash pad fun with Amelia

This kid cracks me up.  I made a pile of sticks and he picked them all up and brought them to me...

I had Cooking Club on Tuesday night and, my friend, Bri, made banana boats for dessert.  They were so good I had to make one the next day for Luke and I.  If you've never had a banana boat, they are super easy.  Take a banana, cut it in half with the peel on, tuck chocolate chips/marshmallows in the middle, wrap with foil, and bake/grill.  This was super yummy, I just wish I would have gotten to eat more of it.  Luke took over and ate the entire thing.

If you give Luke a bite of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you get extra cuddles.  Lucky Daddy.

Joslyn playing with Luke.  She is so sweet with him!

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