Farm Fun with Paige and Coop

Last week Paige and Coop came to the Trail to spend a few days with us.  It was amazing to have a nonstop two and a half day playdate together.  Coop is such a fun-loving, silly boy and Luke just loved him to pieces.  Coop sang to him, showed him his toys, brought him his cup...he was just a little four-year old Papa Bear.  It was so cute to watch.  The boys had lots of tractor time along with a short morning trip to the zoo.  Thanks so much for coming to visit Paige and Coop...we love you!

Kevin was so great about driving the boys around on the tractor.

Too cute.

Coop making the perfect s'more.

Morning books and cuddles.

Ha...trying to get a picture at the zoo.

Taking a 'selfie' with two Mamas and two babes is not too easy...

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