Let Freedom Ring

Happy Fourth of July!  

I feel blessed to live in a country that protects our freedom.  Today, not only am I celebrating the freedoms that come with living in the United States, but I am also celebrating the freedom I have in Christ.  Being a child of God allows me the opportunity to be free of sin and death, because Jesus died and paid for my sins. (Romans 8:1-4)  What a reason to celebrate! 

Last Fourth of July my Grandpa, who served our great country, came to the Trail.  It would be his last visit here, as he became unable to travel well shortly after that.  Most of you know, he passed into heaven this May.  He was a Godly man that helped protect the freedoms we enjoy today.  I remember him today, along with all the other amazing men and women that protect our freedoms past and present.  

Here are some pictures from last year's Fourth of July: 

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