Random Picture Friday

It's hard to believe we are in the middle of July and on the tail-end of summer.  The Trail has been blessed with just enough rain to keep things green this year and the gardens are looking cheerfully bright and colorful right now.  Our neighbors to the east and west of us have gotten a little too much rain and bad weather and we are thankful we have avoided most of it (minus our crops being damaged this spring).  We have spent almost every evening walking around 'smelling the flowers' with Luke.

I hope you are enjoying these glorious days of warm sunshine and blue skies.  Have a blessed weekend all!

Daddy and Luke going down a big kid slide.

Please knock on wood for us...Luke has been eating a bit better these days.  

At my friend Bri's house, Luke spotted a tractor right away and he was pumped.

What a playdate...look at all those babes!  It was so wonderful to spend the morning with these ladies and their babies.  Thanks for hosting, Bri!

He thinks he is such a stud wearing Daddy's shoes.

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