Toddler See, Toddler Do

We have a little copycat on our hands.  My little man is spying on every move Mommy and Daddy make and is trying to mimic what we say and do.  It has enlightened Kevin and I to what Luke sees us do and oh, have we been enlightened.  

Yesterday Luke was grunting at the shirts he sleeps with as I put on his pajamas.  I thought he wanted them but just couldn't quite reach them.  When I was all done, he got up, went right to the shirts, and organized them neatly on the chair (one of the shirts was drooping off).  He may have seen me do this a time or two. Oh. My. Goodness.  There is more...

Luke and I were putting away his toys before going outside to meet Daddy the other night.  As we got to the outside door, he turned around, and went back to the pantry door to close it.  This child is mine.

One of Luke's newest everyday tasks is wiping up milk.  If his sippy cup spills any milk, he immediately comes to me trying to tell me there is a problem.  Usually I follow him to the spilled milk and then I give him a rag to wipe it up.  I guess there are some perks to my child watching me closely.  

Poor Luke having a particular Mommy means he has seen me do all of the above things, and more.  Watching him do these same things got me thinking about what I want him to mimic.  Luke wiping up milk sure is nice, but I want him to mimic the important stuff.  

If I want him to mimic the important stuff, I have to do the important stuff...in front of him.  What is the important stuff?  For me, that means I need to pray more...in front of him.  I usually do my prayer/quiet time in the morning, before he gets up.  Luke doesn't see me do this, but maybe he should.  We pray as a family before meals and at bedtime, but wouldn't it be cool if he saw me praying alone?  

I need to read the Bible more...in front of him.  My Bible sits on our ottoman in the living room and I do read it from time to time, but usually I read the Bible from an app on my phone.  He has no idea what I'm reading or doing on my phone.  Wouldn't it be cool if he saw me reading my hard copy Bible, so he actually knows what I'm doing?  Then when he did see me reading the Bible, we could have a conversation about it and he would know how important reading the Bible is if you want to know God more.  

Luke has picked up a lot of things from his Daddy and most of them melt my heart.  We usually take a nightly walk as a family and Kevin will sometimes pick me flowers from the garden.  (He is the flower arranger in our family.)  Luke has picked up on this and will hand me flowers from time to time, and by flowers, I mean dandelions.  As a teacher I received many dandelions (and they were all special), but the dandelions I get from Luke just make me giddy.  I know there are so many things Luke will watch Kevin do that will mold him into a man of a girl's dreams someday.  (But, that won't happen for a long, long, long time, or at least that's what I keep telling myself.)

Some other random things I want Luke to see me do more of: helping and serving others, being kind to our neighbors as well as random people, showing love to Kevin and doing kind things for him, and praying with people.  These are tangible things Luke can see with his eyes and they are the important things

Luke will probably continue to be particular (let's call it what it is: anal) for awhile, as well as pick his Momma dandelions and that is a-okay with me.  My prayer is that he picks up the important stuff as well.

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