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Kevin and I have been members of Christ Community Church in Omaha for about 4 years now.  After going to merely one service, we were hooked.  We love their contemporary services and the journey group we are a part of on a weekly basis.  Our journey group consists of 5 couples all about our age (we miss the 3 couples that moved away!) and we convene on Tuesday evenings to read and discuss Christian books and scripture.  Since moving to Pioneer Trail, it has been a little more difficult to make it into town on Tuesday evenings, so we adjusted our meeting date to Sunday, which definitely will help us make it there more often.  YAY!  I miss these people!

A picture of part of our journey group from last Thanksgiving.
On January 1, our church started Project 4:4, which is an initiative to read the Bible chronologically in one year.  Through this initiative, Christ Community provides a daily reading plan and then offers daily insights through an online video or written transcript from Pastor Mark.  Kevin and I have kept up with the readings so far (I sometimes have to read 2-3 in one day because I get behind, OOPS), and we are loving it.  The thing that is great about this whole initiative is that the messages on Sunday along with our journey group meetings are all about the readings.  It is all linked, and being a teacher, I love when everything is connected and goes together!  The links to the Project 4:4 page are below if anyone is interested in starting in on this initiative in 2012.


This is a link Kevin and I use to read scriptures online.  It is an awesome tool, you just type in the verses and it pulls it right up for you.  Amazing.


We are in Genesis right now and I understand a little better all those scriptures about descendants: you know the ones that say this person bore this person a son and these are the names of the sons, and this is where they lived.  Definitely used to skip over those,  but now I am able to appreciate and understand all of those funky names and who they are in the 'big picture' story of the Bible.
Thanks Pastor Mark!

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