Simple Sundays

When I think of Sunday afternoons I think pleasant thoughts...cuddles on the couch with a good book (or Pinterest), catching up on shows, baking (when I had a kitchen) and play time with our newest little addition, Abel.  This afternoon was one of those simple Sundays and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Kevin and I are currently staying at Kevin's parent's house and are enjoying all the amenities of a fully furnished house that includes a kitchen!  I did not want to waste this opportunity, so I decided to try out one of my new-found recipes from Pinterest: s'more cookies.  They seemed easy enough and I set out to bake them while chatting with my friend Betsy on the phone.  I think I am really good at multi-tasking, when in reality I am not good at all...sigh.  I mostly talked to Betsy (who I miss so much!) and then started on the cookies.  I didn't have all of my 'tools' at the house on the hill, but I used what I had and it brought back memories of college when I was living in the big house with the girls, Betsy included, and we made cookies with a bowl and a spoon.  Ahhh...the days of the bullet and smelly salmon!  ANYWAY, the s'more cookies turned out pretty good, I mean anything that has Hershey bars and chocolate chips and butter and and brown sugar and marshmallows cannot be bad.  I am munching on one as I write this and all I can think is....when is summer going to be here so I can make real s'mores?!

The ingredients...as you can see all of my items are budget friendly!

Not as pretty as I would have liked, but still yummy!

After chatting with Betsy and getting the s'more cookies done, it was time to play with Abel!  He loves to play with his ball and rope and being at home gives him ample time to burn off all of his energy.  The little guy even got a bath today because he is going to meet Kevin's sister, Hillary, tonight.  Let's hope he's Abel and not Cain.  

Loving his ball

Cuddle time with Kevin

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