House Remodel: Paint

Our painters, Mark and Rick, were here all week painting basically everything Mom, Kevin, and I didn't paint when we first moved to Pioneer Trail.  They painted the remodel along with the hallway, 'piano' room (we currently don't own a piano, but that's what it's been called forever), and stairway.  We chose a beige (I know, surprise surprise) that's called sand dollar for a majority of the rooms and then a soft blue (sleepy blue) for the living room.  I was definitely wanting to go ALL sand dollar, because I am just boring like that (some of you know this about me), but Kevin wanted a little color, hence the blue.  Kevin thought the blue on the walls would tie in the blue/gray back splash we chose for the kitchen.
Well, Mark and Rick were finished on Thursday and I went down to look at it and take some pictures and I think the sand dollar looks splendid.  Well, as splendid as sand dollar, or beige, can look.
And then there's the sleepy blue, which is, um, it's okay.  I     just     don't    love it, AT ALL.  It reminds me a lot of our bedroom color at our house on Bauman....which we painted over because it reminded us of a baby boy's room.  I think it will look better once we have furniture in the room and things up on the walls and the spring/summer landscape coming through the windows and our t.v. covering up a lot of it.  I'm kidding, sort of, but I am glad Kevin made me step out of my comfort zone and hopefully once all of those things mentioned above happen, I will love it.  I guess we will know in about 4 weeks, hopefully (I hope my contractor is reading this).

The wine bar.  A chalk board will be painted behind it this week, along with the doors being stained.

The pantry!

Part of the kitchen and dining room with sand dollar.

The kitchen.  Catch sleepy blue on the left side of the where the refrigerator will go.

The view from the dining room

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